On the way towards a sustainable future

CSR at E3

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a central part of our business model. We are continuously working to make our company socially responsible as well as ecologically sustainable and act responsibility towards society and the environment.

We have set ourselves the goal of reducing our CO2 emissions, which is why we have expanded our vehicle fleet steadily with vehicles meeting the highest European standard. We also use information technology and the further training of our drivers to aim towards the highest possible utilisation and the most fuel-efficient operation of our trucks.

We also take our social responsibility very seriously. We are committed to fair working conditions and respect for human rights. We also promote the training and further education of our employees, as well as social projects and initiatives in the regions where we operate.

We regularly publish a CSR report in the spirit of openness about our CSR activities and to document our progress. Here you will find detailed information about our environmental, social and governance goals, actions and results.

Our CSR reports can be found here:

CSR-Report 2022/2023 CSR-Report 2021/2022 CSR-Report 2020/2021