It is E3’s vision that we will be the natural choice when customers want high-quality logistics solutions. We believe that responsible and sustainable business models are increasingly becoming the foundation for a modern and future-proof company.
This is why we have been working on reducing our environmental and climate impact since many years, for example by continuously replacing our rolling stock with the highest Euro standard, and by using IT and training our employees to ensure that we have a high capacity utilisation of our fleet and that our trucks get good mileage.

CSR report
From 2021, we have consolidated our accountability and sustainability efforts into a single CSR report.
Here we have described our policy in the relevant areas and defined the indicators we will monitor. In an annual action plan, we describe how we are making continuous improvements and otherwise ensuring that we comply with the objectives and policies described in the CSR report.

Read the CSR report here

CSR-report 2020/2021

Our policies for responsibility are:

Environmental Policy
We aim to minimise the environmental impact we have on the world around us. We do this to ensure that we help pass on a sustainable world to future generations. At the same time, thinking green saves the Group money, so it's not that difficult.

Our focus areas are:

  • Modern and efficient equipment
  • Employee conduct and training
  • Logistics and route optimisation
  • Dialogue and collaboration with partners and customers on new solutions

We are committed to continuously striving to reduce our environmental impact and to comply with all regulatory requirements.

Health and Well-being
Our employees are our link to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, and it is essential that our actions eliminate the risk that we fail to attract and retain qualified employees.

We aim to have a healthy physical and psychological working environment and, we respect internationally recognised human rights.

Human Rights and Anti-corruption
Our business is built on respect and honesty, so it is natural for us to want to respect international human rights and to expect our suppliers and partners to do the same.
Similarly, we do not accept corruption such as bribery and money laundering at E3, neither do we accept the same from our partners/suppliers.

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