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Special and hazardous goods

We offer specialised services for special and hazardous goods deliveries, where sensitive, dangerous or oversized goods need to be transported safely and reliably from one place to their destination.

Our qualified team has extensive experience in transporting special and hazardous goods and always abides strictly by the strictest regulations and standards. We work with a modern fleet of vehicles, to ensure that your goods are always safe during the journey. The E3 fleet has open, extendible trailers that are specially approved for the transport of special and hazardous goods. This enables us to move objects measuring up to 23 metres long and three metres wide from A to B.

You can also let us take care of the necessary permits – we will organise escort vehicles, applications for extra-long or extra-wide loads or a police escort if necessary.

We look forward to helping you overcome your logistics challenges. For information on the transport of hazardous goods, Brian Jessen is your contact point and Carsten Lindegaard is responsible for special transports.