Clear information, same contact persons

Of course, we endeavour to deliver everything on time, every time, but we know very well that traffic and other circumstances can get in the way. It is frustrating to stand and wait, so we promptly notify our customers if there are changes to the delivery schedule. 

Our drivers are in ongoing contact with our dispatchers so we always have a good overview of the different deliveries.

This close contact means that our customers are notified promptly in case of changes or delays.

Close contact between our dispatchers and drivers

Good cooperation between our dispatchers and drivers is a very important part of our work and guarantees optimum communication from us to you.

The dispatchers keep an eye on the drivers, the deliveries and our customers, so that both the consignors and consignees receive the necessary information directly, thereby avoiding the risk of misinformation that can arise if you use intermediaries.

Often, our customers and dispatchers get to know each other so well that the dispatcher becomes familiar with all the customer’s wishes and requirements for the different transports.

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