E3 Group’s CSR policy
At E3, we are well aware of our social responsibility and we are continuously working on initiatives that reduce our environmental impact and put human rights in focus.

Environmental policy:
We strive towards minimising the environmental impact we have on our surroundings. Our goal is to make sure that we can pass on a sustainable world to future generations. This is not too difficult, particularly since acting in an environmentally-conscious way also leads to cost savings for the group.
We drive environmentally-friendly lorries with the newest technology, minimising CO2 emissions. At the same time, we educate our drivers to drive in an environmentally-sound way. When we minimise empty haulage, idle running and generally get more mileage out of our fuel, we are benefiting the environment, whilst earning more at the same time.
At our offices and warehouses, we are always implementing environmental upgrades. We turn off the lights when we leave a room and when we replace windows, we make sure to find the solution that least impacts our energy consumption.
We minimise waste and when possible, we sell our residual products for recycling.

Human rights:
There is no doubt whatsoever that, at E3, we regard our employees as our greatest asset. We treat our staff with respect and we make sure that each employee has the opportunity to develop at work. We even offer relevant further training.
We consider the needs of each employee individually. If an employee is unable to work full time, either in the short or long term, we will strive to find a solution that works for us as well as the employee.
In our staff manual, our employees can find the various initiatives that we offer. We are always working hard to ensure that we are an attractive workplace in our industry, which attracts and retains the best employees.
We participate in projects that are actively aimed at attracting different segments of the population – and we are happy to accept employees who need assistance or extra support.

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