Protection of goods

You can rest assured that we do our best to look after your goods and consignments. They are our responsibility from the moment we collect them until we deliver them.

Our drivers are trained in securing the goods in the best possible manner. Our vehicles are optimised for maximum protection of the goods. We carry a large amount of equipment in each vehicle.

Each vehicle is equipped with:  

  • 17 x 500 daN lashing straps, certified according to EN 12195-2
  • 17 x ergonomic strap tighteners
  • 66 x anti-skid mats
  • 34 x edge protection angles
  • 1 x customs string
  • 1 set of snow chains*
  • safety gear for our drivers

* 4 sets of Tyres for tractors
* 7 sets of Tyres for tractors in Sweden and Norway during the period 15/10 - 30/4