Trailers with forklifts

A number of our curtainsiders and open trailers are equipped with forklifts. They enable us to offer loading and unloading at the consignor/consignee’s address.

The forklift is fitted to the back of the trailer and is easily dismantled by our drivers. It can lift 2,500 kg at a time to a height of max 3.2 m.

Our forklifts are checked regularly so they comply with all requirements. All trailers with forklifts are certified according to EN 12642 (Code XL)*.

Safety is important for us

All trailers are equipped with 500 daN lashing straps, ergonomic strap tighteners, edge protection angles and anti-skid mats.

Note: As we continue to offer 13.6 LDM trailer capacity subject to a maximum of 23,000 kg per load, this type of trailer can only be used for deliveries in Germany on account of its length.

*Code XL = EN 12642 Certificate.

The certificate means that reinforced material has been used in the trailer (reinforced tarpaulin and reinforced front wall). This provides for a high degree of safety and quality while complying with the requirements set out in German legislation.