The fleet

Everything you need, regardless of the quantity and type of goods. That is how we describe our fleet.

We have new vehicles and replace them regularly, so we always use the most advanced vehicles in the industry. Our vehicles are max three years old, and we employ people to manage them and make sure they are always serviced and ready for a road trip. 

We invest a lot of money in our vehicles, as they are one of the most important components of our business.

First-class vehicles and equipment are obvious

The head of our fleet and his assistant take care of maintenance and equipment of tractors and trailers. All our Planenanhänger meet the requirements of EN 12642 Code XL.

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Facilities of all vehicles include:

  • 17 tension belts (500 daN) in accordance with EN 12195-2
  • 17 ergonomically shaped ratchets
  • 66 non-slip mats
  • 34 Kant Protection Profiles
  • 1 inch cord
  • 1 set of snow chains*
  • Personal protective clothing for drivers

* 4 sets of Tyres for tractors
* 7 sets of Tyres for tractors in Sweden and Norway during the period 15/10 - 30/4

Safety is paramount