Location Padborg

E3 Spedition-Transport A/S was founded in 1962 and was the first branch in the E3 Group.

Padborg is the Danish hub for road transport, and Padborg is also the hub for coordination and planning of all freight forwarding and transport activities in the E3 Group. The branch employs approximately 110 people.

The branch deals with road transport on the European continent, mainly to and from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway. We have 8000 m2 storage space and can offer a wide range of storage and logistics solutions. Our Padborg branch has more than 50 years’ experience with door-to-door transports of full or partial loads.

Having our own fleet means that we can offer competitive prices and service.

  • E3 spedition-transport a/s

  • Transitvej 16
    DK-6330 Padborg

  • Tlf.: +45 74 67 15 13
    Fax: +45 74 67 41 93
    Email: padborg@e3spedition.com

    Moms / CVR-nr.: DK-18390671

    Invoice mail: invoice@e3spedition.com

  • Bank: Jyske Bank, DK-Padborg
    Reg.nr: 7431
    Account number: 0001002623

  • Currency: EUR
    Bank: Jyske Bank, Hamburg
    Iban: DE51200205000001005964

  • Arbejdstilsynet

  • E3 Transport ApS

  • Transitvej 16
    DK-6330 Padborg

  • Email: padborg@e3spedition.com

    Moms / CVR-nr.: DK-10943973

    Invoice mail: invoice@e3spedition.com

  • Bank details:
    Currency: DKK
    Bank: Jyske Bank, DK-Padborg
    Reg.nr: 7431
    Account number: 0001002649