Getting their goods out the door is a daily challenge at FiberVisions a/s in Varde, which sends consignments to most of Europe.

FiberVisions is a manufacturer of fibre for nappies, sanitary towels and similar products to the world’s hygiene giants.

Before the fibre gets that far, it has to be transported from Varde to manufacturers around Europe, and this is where E3 plays a role as the regular freight forwarder of full loads within Europe.

“Our products consist of hygiene fibre in bales that are handled using forklift trucks," says Dorte R. Lillelund, Import/Export Manager and Freight Analyst at FiberVisions.

A man on site

It was very important to FiberVisions that their transport provider could offer a ‘trailer pool’ scheme. They have a couple of trailers on site, which they can use flexibly and effectively. In order to provide the best possible solution, E3 has a staff member on site at FiberVisions.

“We have four ramps, and E3’s man on site makes sure that an empty trailer is always available for loading. He understands the bigger picture and also services two other carriers who transport goods for us to Italy and Spain. He manages the four ramps and transports trailers to and from the ramps on our behalf. We cannot wait for drivers and trailers, so this solution works really well for us,” says Dorte Lillelund.

E3 transports between 13 and 16 loads per day for FiberVisions.

When E3’s man on site gets into his car to go home, the first trailers are already parked at the ramp, ready for loading in the morning.

If the man on site becomes ill or goes on holiday, E3 has a backup who has been trained and is ready to take over the work. 

Strict hygiene requirements

Naturally, strict hygiene requirements apply when you transport products destined to become nappies and similar. E3 has taken that into account.

“E3 has a good product mix, and our products fit in well. We require odour-free vehicles that are clean and newly swept. In addition, E3’s equipment is of good quality. Their units are replaced on a regular basis and are always in good condition.”

In addition to the transport work, E3 also provides warehouse facilities for FiberVisions in Padborg.

“We also have very strict requirements to hygiene and procedures at the warehouse. Unloading and fastening of goods must comply with instructions. There are many guidelines and E3’s employees are good at handling them. They are motivated and do what we have agreed to do.”

Good price and good quality 

E3 and FiberVisions have worked together for many years and adjust to each other’s requirements on an ongoing basis. 

“The result is both a good price and a good quality for what we require. I like that they have a flat organisation, and that we always talk to our own contact person. He helps us personally in case of an accident or the like, so we don't have to go to a special claims centre. That’s very important,” says Dorte R. Lillelund and continues:

“E3 is reliable and complies with our agreements. They can see things from our point of view, are flexible when the needs of our customers change, and we solve any problems together. We feel that we are more than just a customer. We are good business partners who help each other get things done. It’s a win-win situation.” 


FiberVisions a/s is a fibre manufacturer based in Varde.

It produces fibre for the hygiene industry.

The company in Varde has approximately 180 employees.

FiberVisions a/s is part of a large, international group.