The SUSAM procurement collaboration ensures that small companies can obtain the same freight prices and options as their larger counterparts.

SUSAM is a limited liability company formed by a number of large companies in South Jutland, which support each other through networking and collaboration. The purpose is, of course, to promote the businesses of the members; however, SUSAM also endeavours to raise funds for elite sport in South Jutland. The way it works is that SUSAM organises and selects business partners on the basis of their prices, quality and reliability. The supplier pays a sales and marketing contribution to SUSAM.

E3 is thus a SUSAM supplier with regard to full-load transports to Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In practice, it means that small customers who may have only a couple of loads can obtain the same prices as very large customers.

Nappies and honey

The Abena A/S Group from Aabenraa is the main figure under the SUSAM transport agreement, and with its large amount of freight of between five and fifteen daily loads, Abena has managed to negotiate advantageous prices for the benefit of the entire network.

For us, it’s important to choose a good supplier, since we dispatch such a large number of consignments every day. We can vouch for E3 as a professional and flexible distributor,” says Henrik Storgaard Christensen, Customer Operations Manager at Abena.

A collaboration such as SUSAM means that E3 may transport nappies one day and the following day something else altogether.

As a supplier, it’s quite a challenge to transport nappies and large drums of honey under the same agreement. However, we accept the challenge and fortunately have the necessary equipment and the ability to adapt to many different types of goods,” says Jesper Hansen, dispatcher at E3.

Both import and export

E3 handles both import and export consignments under the auspices of SUSAM, but only full loads, as another supplier is responsible for handling partial loads.I see this as an excellent opportunity for both parties. We end up with some customers we wouldn’t otherwise have had, and the members of SUSAM benefit from lower freight prices because they can lean on larger companies,” says Jesper Hansen.

E3 transports approximately 60 loads per week for members of SUSAM.


SUSAM was established in 2004 with the aim to create a procurement network for companies in the region.

Most of the savings are channelled back to the member companies, but a small part goes to funding elite sport in South Jutland.

It is SUSAM’s ambition to only work with the very best suppliers. 

The members benefit from procurement savings; the suppliers are guaranteed access to a large group of commercial customers, and SUSAM obtains the necessary funds to pursue its object. Read more on