E3 transports full loads to Germany and the Netherlands on behalf of Abena. Every day, E3 drops off empty trailers, which Abena loads on an ongoing basis.

The head office of the Abena Group is based in Aabenraa, from where E3 transports between five and fifteen daily loads to Germany and the Netherlands. E3 handles all full loads for this area. The products involved are primarily medical and health care products, consumables, paper products, plastic bags and waste containers, and Abena has customers all over the world. Abena has a fully automated central warehouse in Aabenraa with considerable capacity. “We cover the entire process from receipt of the order and production of the goods to warehousing and distribution,” says Henrik Storgaard Christensen, Customer Operations Manager at Abena.

Flexible solution

E3 has been one of Abena’s regular carriers for a year, and the contract has just been extended for another two years. Abena’s vision is to provide Denmark’s best customer service, which includes delivering the right products at the right time. “E3 has the right approach to the work, and their solutions are very flexible. It’s important for us that they keep deadlines and agreements with our customers, and we also prefer a supplier who doesn’t use sub-suppliers but almost exclusively relies on own equipment.” The agreement with E3 is therefore that 90% of the equipment used is the company’s own, so that Abena can rest assured that the quality is consistent and the trailers in good condition. In addition to the ‘normal’ work of transporting freight, E3 also handles all the group’s pallets within the assigned area. E3 checks the quality of the pallets in Germany and the Netherlands and brings them back to Aabenraa.

Fully automated warehouse

Abena has a trailer pool arrangement, which means that E3 delivers seven empty trailers every morning for Abena’s staff to load in the course of the day. Abena books trailers through E3’s online booking system, from where they can also download the signed waybills. E3 has spare equipment, so they can easily add to the regular trailer pool if Abena needs to transport additional loads for a period of time. However, on average, E3 transports between five and fifteen loads per day for Abena. Abena has a giant storage hotel, where robots are used to pick the products.

The efficient robots can pick a whole load in just 45 minutes. “When the order has to go out, we simply press the button, and the robot picks the right pallets. The pallets are placed on a conveyor belt, and only then does an employee take over and pack the vehicle,” says Henrik Storgaard Christensen. An e-mail is sent to E3 to tell them that the trailer is ready. The driver then comes to collect it and replaces it with an empty trailer, ready for loading. “Although everything is automated and performed as efficiently as possible, we are still in personal contact with E3. This is important to us, because changes and breakdowns may occur, and then it’s good to have a flexible business partner.”


The Abena Group was established in Aabenraa in 1953 under the name Sækko A/S. Sækko A/S developed into a trading company and in 1980 built its own factory producing nappies and sanitary towels under the name Bambo. In the eighties, the company exported to more than 55 countries around the world.

In 2005, the name was changed to Abena A/S, and today the company employs around 1300 people. Abena offers total solutions within incontinence, nursing, medical and dental products. Today, the Group has its own companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Ireland, USA, Iceland, Slovenia and Russia.

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